About siberian cats

about-sib-3Siberian cat (Siberian cat) refers to semilonghair breeds of cats. Siberian cat was truly the pride of Russia. This is the first breed of domestic work which began felinologists, and who first gained recognition abroad. Today, breeding of these animals are engaged in many countries on almost all continents of the globe. What is gained is a boundless popularity?

Speaking about the merits of the Siberian breed, perhaps, is to say about the visual attractiveness - a natural and harmonious beauty. We can not ignore and sociable character, but unobtrusive. Attracts the same simplicity and care for these cats and low allergenicity. Not only for the people of our country, but also for many foreign animal lovers it is the embodiment of this cat with a wild natural beauty and strong Siberian health. The owners of Siberian cats can hear many wonderful stories that speaks to their natural intelligence, sharp minds and good learning. 

History of the Siberian breed cats 

about-sib-1The ancestors of the modern Siberian cats have lived in territory of Siberia and the Far East. This breed belongs to the type of natural origin.

Siberian cat history starts with the history of science feline in Russia. In a relatively short time, scientists have created a recognizable image of the rock and fastened it to the standards. Conducted a serious breeding work to improve the phenotype, and the breed gained recognition in the world. 

In 1986, together with the creation of the first clubs started and work on the breed. In the first exhibitions of these cats were classified as "Norwegian wood", but they are radically different from their western counterparts. Then the idea of creating a national breed. It was suggested by many names, but decided to stay on the "Siberian", and not because the cat was brought from Siberia, but rather as historically appropriate. 

about-sib-2In 1989 was registered by a new breed of "Siberian cat." In 1995, the standard of the breed was registered in WCF. And in 2000 there was a presentation of the breed in the United States, which already at that time there were about ten nurseries engaged in breeding of Siberian cats. Since 2004, "Siberians" sat down to assign championships CFA. 

Today it is a popular and very common in the world of cat breeds, which has a lot of fans and admirers.