About siberian cats cattery Frosty Amulet


We are glad to see you on the website of the cattery of Siberian cats "Frosty Amulet".

We are Vladislav and Tatiana, owners of siberian cattery. Our cattery is located in Kazakhstan, in Almaty. Cattery "Frosty Amulet" was registered in Almaty feline center "Erke Barys" (WCF) in 2014. The nursery has registration number WCF 7345-2015.

глфонRepresentatives of the Siberian breed have a pretty big build, have a strong health, they have a wonderful well-balanced character, they are gentle and at the same time unobtrusive, they feel the mood of the owner, their luxurious fur coat does not require special care, and the main advantage of the Siberian breed that it does not cause allergies.

Our passion Siberian breed began with the acquisition of the Siberian kitten Jine Volzhskaya Krasa in 2012. This kitten came to us from Saratov cattery "Volzhskaya Krasa." And in 2013 siberian female Anfisa came to us from Tomsk cattery " Zelenoglazka". The primary focus of our cattery is breeding Siberians traditional color.

The goal of our cattery is to get healthy and strong Siberian offspring corresponding to the Siberian breed standard. Our cats are full members of our family, all are loved and each one is unique. Cats occupy our free time. When they do not have enough attention , they begin to demand , and to deny them is impossible. If You decide to buy a Siberian kitten - we can offer You a Siberian kittens as Pets and for breeding and show career. Our Siberian kittens grow and develop in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by the warmth, care and love. Therefore, all our kittens are socialized and have wonderful temperament that allows them to continue to be in the new house the best friend and companion to both the adult and child.

Our nursery cares about the health of our Siberian kittens , so they always have only the best nutrition and timely veterinary care. Our Siberian kittens are moving into a new house at the age of 4 months. To this point, our Siberian kittens twice vaccinated, accustomed to the tray and scratching posts. Our nursery provides full consulting support all Siberian graduates purchasing a Siberian kitten in our cattery You can always ask us a question about the power content of the Siberian kitten, as well as questions about the show career and health.

We wish You a pleasant journey through the pages of our website, and hope that our Siberian cats and kittens will steal Your heart as well as conquered our!

The owners of the catery "Frosty Amulet"

Bondarev Vladislav and Tatyana.